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    Kimberly K
    June 11, 2024

    Richard is a color genius - amazing attention to detail, meticulous, and talented. I originally went online and booked 3 hours of his time for a balayage. Not only did he stay over (6 hours and well past closing on a Saturday night! because what I asked for was actually A LOT in one session, which I did not realize it), but he was so professional and pleasant - never once rolled his eyes nor said what I asked for was too much - pleasant the whole way through. Very professional. Best of all, my color turned out wonderfully. Highly highly recommend. I will be coming back for sure. Thank you very much. :)

    Gloria Lee
    May 30, 2024

    My older sister referred me to Jin so I got my first haircut from Jin three months ago. I decided to book a second appointment as I was satisfied with Jin’s haircut. This time I decided to get a money piece and a haircut. He told me that he would make it ash blonde and that he had the perfect ash blonde for Asians. But actually the end result was yellow blonde and he weaved my brown hair into it which isn’t what I asked for it’s what he wanted to do to my hair which makes it look dirty blonde. The haircut was also a rushed job and uneven. I wasn’t going to say anything to Jin but four different people approached me about my hair color and a fifth person a neighbor and friend who is a hair stylist commented on how choppy the haircut was… after paying $400 dollars I was needless to say very disappointed in Jin. He was unapologetic, defensive and lacking in customer care. He didn’t respond to my messages until about two days had passed. After my sister messaged him about my hair, he asked me to come in the following Tuesday (7 days after my original visit). I showed him what he didn’t do for my hair and how it was uneven. He pulled my hair and brushed it harshly and hopefully I hope he made it better I don’t know. But he was angry and pissed and huffing and puffing the whole time. He impatient with me and gaslighting me the entire time. I felt uncomfortable that he was the one doing my hair and I regretted returning to give him a chance to make amends. He admitted the hair color he gave me is not ash blonde. It’s yellow. He said he couldn’t bleach my hair and that he could only tone it. I asked him for a patch or picture of the ash blonde he had originally promised. He showed me a picture of a brunette. I told Jin, Jin that’s not ash blonde that’s brunette. Forget it. I walked out of the salon and I’m very disappointed in Juan Juan hair salon and the unprofessionalism of Jin. I wasn’t a walkin. I was a second time client that had referred multiple people to him. I was a referral from my sister who had known him for years …. Needless to say I won’t come back here again.

    Stephanie Merlo
    April 18, 2024

    The two stylists I had were great but the staff are a bunch of meanies. Not nice. I asked for a referral because I have celiac disease and need a place with less gluten and asked if they know of a place closer to me, someone in BH, and “No” help. Maybe they’ll learn kindness and science, someday?

    Nicole Voelkel
    February 14, 2024

    It’s such a shame to have a great salon with such capable and sincere hair stylists, gone to garbage because of a rude, self entitled and passive aggressive receptionist. My experience was very similar to Guillame’s (below) but add in an attitude from the self absorbed and patronizing receptionist. Hopefully the owner of the salon can give the receptionist a chance to grow, develop, and learn how to interact in 2024 before this business is destroyed by their supercilious receptionist. Again, the whole experience was garbage because of dealing with their receptionist. My hair stylist was great and I definitely would have went back but now because of how rude she was, I never will.

    Guillaume Moinet
    December 09, 2023

    A hair salon that does not respect its clients. It all started last week when, being unwell and likely having COVID, I asked them to reschedule an appointment. They responded that they could not accommodate a same-day cancellation and would have to charge me $95. In other words, they prefer that clients come in and potentially infect others rather than being accommodating. It was only when I called from my sickbed in the afternoon that they finally agreed to cancel without any charges. The following Thursday, I had rescheduled for 5:00 PM. At 3:47 PM, I received a call asking if I could come in at 4:00 PM because the hairdresser was sick and couldn't honor the 5:00 PM appointment. I told them I couldn't with only 13 minutes' notice. As a result, a new appointment was scheduled for today at 10:00 AM. At 9:47 AM, I received a message informing me that the hairdresser would be 15 minutes late. Upon arrival, I learned that the delay was an additional 5 minutes and that it was not due to another client but traffic. Frustrated by this lack of respect, I decided to leave. Despite my text messages, there was no apology from the salon at the time. In summary, it's a salon that doesn't adapt to its clients' constraints but expects clients to adapt to theirs without ever apologizing. A disappointment to lose time in this way. If you value your time and consider respect a fundamental human value, steer clear of this salon.

    Juan Juan Salon

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